Our Company

Advanced Sweepers started its cleaning services in 2009 in road construction projects.

The Australian owned and operated business has grown to provide innovative and environmentally-sound solutions for the toughest cleaning and compliance challenges.

With the depot in Lake Macquarie, the fleet of nine sweepers are regularly maintained and serviced to provide the best possible sweeping services. Pre-starts are carried out daily on all sweepers to ensure they are always ready to go.

We are specialists in emergency situations and experienced in diverse workplaces from industrial to commercial, construction, utilities, road, rail, maritime, aviation and mining industries.

Advance Sweepers also has an in-depth knowledge in working with regional and rural councils, particularly in NSW. We have worked with councils from the state’s North West region through to the North West Slopes, Hunter, Central West and Southern Tablelands.

With a range of services from sweeping schedules to cleaning streets, gutters and kerbs in line with community expectations, to supporting road crews in asphalt and spray seals as well as repairs.

We also develop and adopt localised plans to help minimise storm water runoff, dust, weeds and other pollutants.


Trusted experience partnering with national and international companies engaged in the construction and maintenance of specialized tarmac surfaces.

Previous major projects include Hunter Valley Freeway, Newcastle Inner City Bypass, Maitland Bypass upgrade, Williamtown Airport Upgrade, National Highways (M1 Expressway/Pacific Highway Upgrade), Newcastle Supercars 500 and Newcastle Light Rail project.

Our Founder

Say ‘street sweepers’ and some people either think of a person or a truck with a broom. However, James Reid of Advance Sweepers says “they are an essential part of the community to keep places clean”.

He should know. For more than 18 years, James has been in the street-sweeper business, first as an employee and now as a proud business owner.

With a background in motor mechanics and mine engineering, James loves these full-size trucks with sweeping and vacuuming technology that have a reputation of being temperamental due to their two motors and many moving parts.

He describes them as challenging and high-maintenance machines that need regular time and care to be amazing pieces of equipment.

James lives by the philosophy a job “needs to be done right or not at all”. When James was an employee, he used to take his truck home to maintain and clean it so it was always ready for its next job.

It was this reputation for equipment reliability, maintenance and presentation that preceded him into his business and saw one truck quickly grow into a fleet. These sweepers are kept in tip-top order under James watchful eye, whether at the depot or on site. He still likes to go out in the trucks and on site to understand the clients needs and wants, to enable Advance Sweepers in delivering the best possible service.

Community Support

Proudly involved and supporting our local communities:

  • Rotary Loop the Lake
  • Lake Macquarie Football UK Trip
  • Assisting with Lions Club fundraising events